The night before May Day I dreamed I was on a ship. The ship was sinking. The deck was flooded. I was trying to spoon up water with a dust shovel and pour it overboard. It was useless. I decided to go look for a bucket.

The ship was as big as a city and I wandered its streets, asking everyone I met if they had a bucket I could borrow. No one would help me. One shop had an old tin bucket but I didn’t have enough money to buy it.

By this point I was getting pissed off. I was trying to save the ship from sinking. Why wasn’t anyone else helping? All our lives were at stake. We were all gonna drown if the ship sank.

So why was I the only one trying to save us all?


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One response to “Dream

  1. Colin Amehearst

    Stop the world I want to get off?

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