Shana tova

It seems portentous that the new year coincides with the Palestinian Authority’s doomed attempt to gain UN recognition for a Palestinian state. I assume it’s G-d’s way of letting us know the new year will contain the same bullshit as the old year. It seems like nothing ever changes around here, or rather, the more things change the worse off Palestinians are.

I want to write more later about the response within Israel to the possibility of a UN recognised Palestinian state, especially Netanyahu’s speech.

But since it’s nice to start the new year off on a happy note, here’s the Unternationale singing Oy ir narishe tsienistn:


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One response to “Shana tova

  1. Im sorry, im Jewish
    what can I say
    im not there anymore
    in little cells
    with some Kommandant
    telling me off
    putting little pills on my tongue
    to lighten me
    im sorry im heavy
    with olive Talmuds
    in my veins
    only skin deep
    Im still sorry
    for the displaced
    and even if I gave more
    than any ‘back in the day Jew’ understands
    as a privilege
    I still wax lyrical
    on the wicks of genocidal generations
    but whiteness is a funny thing
    when you’re only guilty

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