I haven’t blogged much lately, and it certainly isn’t because I don’t love y’all anymore. I just got distracted by, you know, life and stuff.

Anyway, my zines Not Afraid of Ruins 1 & 2 and Small Victories are now available for sale from both Rebel Press in Aotearoa and the Sticky Institute in Australia. You can also download them for free from Rebel Press which would be awesome because it saves me having to print and post them.

I’m aiming to have Not Afraid of Ruins #3 done in time for Auckland Zinefest next month, which is my excuse for not doing much blogging at the moment. So far it’s mostly about travelling around Europe being anxious and socially inept. Should make for a thrilling read.




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2 responses to “Zines

  1. just a thought but maybe you would like your zines in our library? email us if you do and we can talk about postage costs etc. in the meantime check out this great anachist news zine that is made locally here in sydney and hosted on the jura books website. just turned 5 years old with its 59th issue!
    black rose books library & social centre , sydney, australia


  2. I love Black Rose Books and I’m a big fan of mutiny as well. I’ll definitely hiave to post y’all some zines!

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