Actually Helpful

Now that I’m done being a whingey self involved prick, I’m gonna try to write something that’s actually helpful.

Heaps of folk in Christchurch are doing awesome work organizing aid, distributing supplies, cleaning up the mess and hosting people who’ve been displaced by the earthquake.

If you’re based outside Canterbury I think the most helpful thing you can do is send money. There’s heaps of charities collecting money for Christchurch right now, and it’s hard to judge which ones will do the most good. So here are my suggestions:

Beyond Resistance in Christchurch, which also includes people involved in Food Not Bombs and Unite, have been doing lots of work in the eastern suburbs (Linwood, Avonside etc), setting up a community centre, distributing water and gas canisters and so on. Their blog also has lots of useful updates.

Christchurch Women’s Refuge was hit pretty hard by both earthquakes. Domestic violence is a huge enough problem in regular times, and now after the earthquake, with the added stress and frustration, you can bet it’s only going to increase. Wellington Refuge has been organising help and donations, and they’ve set up a facebook page too.

I dont know much about Refugees as Survivors, but it sounds like theyre doing important work supporting a group of people whose needs could easily be overlooked, and I think they sound like a really worthwhile organisation to support.

In Wellington, 128 Social Centre is hosting a fundraiser 80s movie night for Beyond Resistance. It’s on Wednesday March 9 at 8pm, at 128 Abel Smith St.

I recommend reading this website for really useful updates and information.

Other commentary that’s worth reading:

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