Listen up

I feel so tired and drained from dealing with sexist bullshit right now. I mean, there’s this, and then there’s this, and to top it all off there’s also this and as if there wasn’t enough sexist bullshit in this world I also find myself dealing with sexist bullshit in the radical left, where too many guys get away with abusing women because the activist work they do is considered more important than a woman’s autonomy over her body, her sexuality and her life.

It makes me angry and it makes me exhausted and it makes me wish they would just stop because my life would be 100 times easier if all the men who treat women as if they’re only on this earth to meet their needs would get their shit together and start treating women like human beings.

It also makes me fucking appreciative of all the awesome, strong and courageous women I know. The women whose lives are disrupted because men don’t respect them, and the women who see that happening to other women, and challenge sexism and support each other.

Whenever I get overwhelmed by rage and hopelessness I find comfort in angry feminist punk songs. So here’s some feminist punk anger for all the other women out there who have to deal with sexist bullshit.

First of all, here’s Heavens to Betsy performing Stay Away live:

And here is Tribe 8’s classic anti rape anthem Frat Pig:

Here is some Delta 5:

Here is Listen Up by The Gossip which I’ve had in my head all day:

OK, and just one last one, because Vi Subversa is my patron saint. Here are Poison Girls singing Real Woman:

Turn it up, jump around, throw shit at the wall, let your rage out.


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