It’s great to be White!

New Zealand White supremacists have stayed fairly quiet for the last couple of years. This is nice, because I have enough on my plate organizing against those racists who actually have power, like the ones in the Beehive and in the New Zealand police force.

But today when I was walking through Newtown I came across these bizarre stickers:

Are you concerned about saving the White Race? I know I am.

White People are just so mystical, with their esoteric beliefs in a dead guy who came back to life. Their culture has so much wisdom to teach us. White People are also so bright and industrious. They’ve come a long way in such a short time — from believing the earth was flat, to economic domination of the entire very round planet. I also love White People’s traditional cuisine and their ethnic music. It would be such a shame to see their race die out.

Maybe all us inferior races should make more of an effort to be good allies to the White Race. We should form an International White Race Solidarity Movement to support White People in their struggle against, um… well, I’m not really certain what it that the White Race needs saving from, but I’m sure it’s really scary.

The thing is, even after looking at their website, I still can’t tell whether this is a parody. Are White supremacists actually this nuts?

They got one thing right though:

Yes, it is great to be White. You live longer, you’re far less likely to be incarcerated, you have an easier time finding paid work. You can speak your own language to people on the street, at school you learn about the history of your ancestors, on television you can watch stories about other White people. You can even be a criminal, an alcoholic or a junkie and people won’t attribute it to your Whiteness.




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2 responses to “It’s great to be White!

  1. derp de derp

    It’s a real thing, not a parody.

    The email address is kind of weird. “Pax Rahowa”, where Rahowa means “racial holy war”. Doesn’t quite fit with “pax”.

  2. Another white apologist. No wonder our race is dying because of race traitors.

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