Poems about cities #1: Jerusalem

O Jerusalem,
you holy city you.
You make me want to tear my clothes off
and pole dance in the street.

Not because you’re sexy,
but because every way I glance
you tell me one more reason
why I’m gonna burn in hell

and yes,
that turns me on.

city of
gold, city of
copper, city of
light. You
shadow city, of
olive trees and
ghosts of olive trees.
Your footpaths boil
with the threat of violence,

and I can’t see the ocean
no matter how high I climb.

So why would I let you hold my heart?
I’ve seen you turn
human hearts to stone.

I’ve seen your stones
soak up so much blood
they beat like a human heart.

I’ve seen you, Jerusalem.
Your chaste smile can’t fool me.

I know your true face.


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